How do I create a great website?

Content, content, content - your website represents your business and your business is represented by the ways in which you talk about it. You may have heard of the "elevator talk"? Where you have just a few moments to explain what your business is to a person that you might meet while riding in an elevator. Can you do that? Can you break it down into just three or four sentences? You are probably doing it already but now you have to put it down in words.

Pictures, pictures, pictures - good quality pictures will enhance your website because the viewer's eyes go right to those pictures when they open up your page. We need pictures that are professional looking so if you're taking the pictures yourself, clean the space up first to make it look nice then take a shot. Note: Nowadays mobile phones have really good cameras in them so you don't have to buy an expensive camera, just make sure the lighting is good and the image is not crooked.

Services, services, services - what do you offer? Make a list of all the different services you offer and describe each one with as much detail as possible.

Products, products, products - do you sell products? What are they? Remember, if you have a picture of each product you will need a detailed description of that product along with the price.

About - can you describe the history and start of your company? If you are the founder, did you see a need for your company? What was it? Do you have a special passion from what you do? What is your background regarding your company? Write down whatever you think the public would find interesting about your company.